Find, Scan, Nexp

Nexp app is a powerful yet easy-to-use fulfillment solution that aligns your team around what matters most — your customers.

All in one

Leverage from a smart app and control all logistic processes from the store up to Distribution Center.

Guided mode

Design the best in-store route for people and allow them to be guided as by GPS.

Seamless integration

The Nexp platform allows you to start without any integration or by connecting through APIs.

“We wanted a solution that integrated all channels and gave us the flexibility  that we needed.”

Joseph Henry
Supply Chain B2C Leader at Leroy Merlin Brazil

Turn store into storehouse

Nexp gives people the access to integrate tools that provide full context of sales order. This keeps them in the loop and allows to do logistics quickly.

When a purchase order is submitted, the system checks which store has the best match for the order. After that a push notification appears for all Runners at the store to process the task instantly.

Just a few steps do the trick

Always have eyes into what’s going on with your fulfillment line. Nexp makes it easy to keep your team focused on the best route to pickup the products without worrying about daunting logistics tasks.

You can build and manage order waves that align with your business strategies so your Runner can prioritize customers or Express orders.

Drive the action with data

Track interactions of all Runners, and turn that data into reports that help analyze and forecast your business. With Nexp, you get quick dashboards, as well as 10+ out-of-the-box reports for visualizing, understanding, and interacting with your data.

Let data lead the way

Building the best customer experience can be executed better when it's driven by data.

Deliver orders in 1-click with Nexp

Put people-not legacy WMS-at the center of your business. Nexp gives you the flexibility to identify, understand, and segment your orders for better customers experience.

Generate quality results without effort

Give your business the power to be built on great numbers
Up-time saved in-store picking process over to traditional mode.
Faster delivery orders enabling the ship from store and pickup store.
Average time to start a new store during the roll out expansion.
Customer satisfaction rate in relation to the delivery performance-OTIF.

Frequently asked questions

If you have any further questions, Get in touch with our friendly team
Is there a trial period?

Yes, once you purchase a plan there are 45 days for you try the app without any charge. If you decide to continue using the app your subscription will be started.

How the SaaS model works?

The SaaS - Software as a Service is a pay monthly plan. Once you subscribe to the most suitable plan the software is released and you'll be able to use normally.

Each 30 days the service charges you automatically.  Downgrade and cancellation can be requested anytime.

Which integration methods are accepted?

To start Nexp at your store is simple and easy. You can start without any integration, just exporting files. After that you can move for a partial integration via API provided by Logstore's connectors or a full integration with ERP.

Can I start without e-commerce platform?

If you decide to start doing online sales Logstore can provide a list of partners that can support you in this matter.
It is also possible to apply Nexp app for sales by phone or offline, the Nexp platform can be responsible for the whole logistics process.

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