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Be there for your customers

Combine solutions from Logstore's platform to provide the best in class customer logistics experience.
See how our app could look like on your commerce.

The world's leading companies use Logstore

Powerful solutions for new challenges

Manage Multi Orders

Dynamic Storehouse

Connected Delivery

Automated Warehouse


Generate quality results without effort

It takes minutes-not-weeks to boost the performance. See the team engagement increasing beyond your customers.
Uptime saved.
* In-store picking process
Speed up the ship from store and pickup store delivery.

The world's leading companies use Logstore


Strike up a delivery

Customers and employees want to have the best shopping experience —make it easy for them. Our app is flexible and empowering you to assist people when they need you most.

Empower your employees

Employees want to be informed and connected. With our solution, you can create consumer-like experiences for your employees that are easy, reliable, and efficient.

Just one button

No onboarding is required when you have a single button to do everything. With our app, it takes minutes-not hours to get up and running the fulfillment process.

As easy as that

Our picking, checkout and shipping modules are quick to implement and easily scales to meet changing needs.


Find stores with the best match to process online orders.


Guide people with app to manage online orders in store


Speed up the delivery decreasing the Last-Mile time

Get started now

Speed up the digital transformation through our integrated logistics platform.

We're all about the customers

Store - transform shops into Urban Distribution Center

Warehouse - a powerful app to have a fully-automated warehouse

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